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Home of the Halal Meat

One Stop Halal is the online destination for everything halal. We carry thousands of halal products you need daily, including fresh meat cuts like beef, grass-fed beef, wagyu, chicken, lamb, and goat. We also carry non-perishable items like vitamins, jerky, groceries, and other household products.

Select the type of Qurbani (Udhiyah) you want to do

Local Overseas

Local:You will receive meat. You can choose from Goat or Lamb.
Overseas:You will not receive meat. It will be distributed to the needy.
We are offering Cow or Buffalo Qurbani overseas. Price per share is $99.
Please rememeber you will not receive share of the cow meat. If you want the share of the Qurbani meat, then choose Local Qurbani.

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How do you want the Qurbani meat to be cut?

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