Halal and Healthy

Halal is an Arabic word for “Permissible.”
Something permissible by God for you to eat.
Something pure, wholesome, and natural without any modification.
Something with which you can nourish your body without any side-effects.

At One Stop Halal, we take Halal & Tayyeb (pure) label very seriously.


Vegetarian Fed Chickens
We believe what the animal is fed is very important. All our animals are strictly fed a vegetarian diet. No animal byproducts or fats are mixed in their diet. This ensures those byproducts don’t end up in your body when you consume our wholesome halal meat.


No hormones or antibiotics
Our chickens are never administered any growth hormones or antibiotics. Since there are no antibiotics in our chickens, your body won't develop antibiotic resistance when you are administered by your doctor.


Fresh Meat
When you buy from us, you always get local meat. We never import any halal meat from foreign countries like Australia or New Zealand. It is not frozen for months like those imported meats. We ensure that our meat reaches from the Farm to the Table in the shortest period of time.


Certified Humane Handling
Our chickens are given the Certified Humane label, which verifies the humane manner in which our birds are raised, transported, and handled. Certified Humane is consistent with our core value that all animals should be raised with decency and respect. Not only does this result in happier and healthier farm animals, but it also leads to a higher quality of meat.


Hand Cut Zabiha Halal
All our animals are hand-harvested individually. We don’t employ automated machines running at high speed to harvest and kill the animal. Our artisan processing and absence of pre-slaughter electric stunning guarantees the highest level of quality.


Pure and Tayyeb Wholesome
By partnering with a select number of family farms, our meat suppliers help strengthen local economies in the USA and protect small farmers by allowing them to focus solely on the exceptional quality and taste of their animals.


USDA Inspected and Approved
Our meat is inspected and approved by USDA to ensure it is safe, wholesome, correctly labeled, and packaged. Meat is checked for animal diseases and unseen hazards, such as microbiological and chemical contamination.


Blood Drained after the slaughter
We drain the blood out of the animal after they are harvested. Blood is harmful to health as it is full of bacteria, infective agents, waste, and toxic substances. Blood make meat less healthy, less nutritious, and the meat can be spoiled very fast.


Right temperature to clean the meat
While cleaning the chickens after the harvest, we make sure the water temperature is never kept high, which may cause the heat to permeate into the meat. And it may cause the meat to spoil fast.

Thousands of our customers trust us for their halal meat and product needs. They keep on coming back after tasting the quality of our meat. Our 5-star reviews speak for itself. Join our list of super happy customers. We promise you won't be disappointed.

Select the type of Qurbani (Udhiyah) you want to do

Local Overseas

Local:You will receive meat. You can choose from Goat or Lamb.
Overseas:You will not receive meat. It will be distributed to the needy.
We are offering Cow or Buffalo Qurbani overseas. Price per share is $99.
Please rememeber you will not receive share of the cow meat. If you want the share of the Qurbani meat, then choose Local Qurbani.

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