About Bison Meat

Welcome to the Home of the Halal Bison. Our bisons roam freely on lush-green American pastures and are raised without the use of antibiotics, steroids, and added growth hormones. All our meat, steaks, roasts, and organs are hand-slaughtered the old-fashioned way: by a man with a knife.

1. How does bison meat taste compared to beef?

Difference between Bison and Beef
Bison has a slightly sweeter and richer flavor than beef, and it is often described as being slightly "gamey" or more flavorful than beef. Like beef, bison can be cooked to different levels of doneness, which can affect the flavor and texture.

In terms of texture, bison is typically leaner than beef and can have a slightly firmer texture.

Bison meat can be substituted for beef in most recipes, including burgers, stews, and meatballs. However, because bison is leaner than beef, it may require a shorter cooking time or additional fat to prevent it from drying out.

2. Is Bison meat healthy?

Grass-fed Grass-finished is healhty
Yes, bison meat can be a healthy choice as it is lower in fat and calories than beef, and it is a good source of protein, iron, and zinc. For example, a cooked bison ground meat(3-oz) has 140-180 calories compared to 200-250 calories in cooked ground beef(3-oz).

Bison meat is naturally gluten-free, and it is also suitable for those following a paleo or keto diet.

3. How do you cook Bison meat?

Cooking Bison
Bison meat can be cooked in the same way as beef. It can be grilled, roasted, sautéed, or pan-fried. It's important to note that because bison is leaner than beef, it can dry out more easily if overcooked, so it's recommended to cook it to medium-rare or medium.

4. Is Bison meat more expensive than Beef?

Is Bison meat more expensive than Beef
Bison meat can be more expensive than beef, as bison is typically raised on smaller farms or in their natural environment and has a higher cost of production.
Bison are typically raised on large, open-range farms, where they are allowed to graze and roam freely. Unlike feedlot-raised beef cattle, bison are not typically confined to small pens or feedlots.
Bison are well-suited to grazing on grass and other vegetation, and they are able to withstand harsh weather conditions and fluctuations in food supply. Because of this, they require less intensive management than beef cattle, and they are often raised using sustainable and environmentally friendly practices.
Bison are typically not given hormones or antibiotics. Many bison farmers prioritize animal welfare and natural feeding practices, which can result in a healthier and more sustainable product.

5. Does Bison meat require special preparation??

Bison Special Preparation
Bison meat does not typically require any special preparation beyond what is necessary for beef or other meats. However, it may benefit from marinating or the addition of extra fat during cooking to prevent it from drying out.

6. Is your Bison Zabiha Halal?

HFSAA Halal Certified
All our meat products are certified by the HFSAA (Halal Food Standards Alliance of America), one of the leading Halal certification body in the USA. Because we believe in following traditional Islam, we only sell Handcut Zabiha meat. We also adhere to the 13-Point Inspection Checks in our Halal meat production process as per the guidelines here.

To our knowledge, we are the only company in the US harvesting bisons in a zabiha halal manner. So, for the faithful, there is no better choice for bison meat than One-Stop Halal.

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