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Co-Founder and Partner, Technology & Development

Matt Weinberg is Co-Founder and Partner, Technology & Development at Vector Media Group. With over a decade of experience building technology solutions for Vector’s clients, Matt leads our Technology and Development team on technical planning, execution and delivery in all projects. Matt is an expert in blending the latest technical advances with a pragmatic approach, and has developed sites ranging from large publishing platforms to customized eCommerce stores. Matt is a noted eCommerce, PCI, server infrastructure, and ExpressionEngine expert, and has presented at ExpressionEngine conferences around the world.

To do the RIGHT THING requires a RIGHT TEAM who has the RIGHT MOTIVATION

Our team consists of experts from various fields, such as:

Technologists (to build the technology)
Food Scientists (to inspect the ingredients)
Religious Scholars (to guide on religious matters)
Nutritionists (to educate and promote healthy halal lifestyle)

Core Members

Heads the overall company


Imran Shaikh

Founder & CEO

Imran Shaikh is the Founder and CEO of One Stop Halal. He oversees the overall operation and business activities to ensure it produces the desired result. Before founding the company, Imran worked for 15 years in a Fortune 500 companies like Yahoo and YP where he led companywide initiatives to build and adopt cloud based technologies. He also ran the IT infrastructure team managing thousands of servers where a downtime of a single server would have implication of missing millions of dollars in revenue.

Imran has completed Masters in Computer Science from University of Southern California in 2004. He has presented at various IT conferences throughout the USA and Canada about the cutting edge distributed computing technologies. He also run a blog and advise people on Containers, DevOps and Elastic Compute technologies.

Imran is based out of Greater Los Angeles area and he lives with his wife and a beautiful daughter. He is actively involved with the local Muslim community & Islamic Centers.

Runs the overall operations


Irfan Shaikh

Chief Operating Officer

Irfan Shaikh is the Chief Operating Officer at One Stop Halal. He is the engine that keeps One Stop Halal running. Before co-founding the company, Irfan worked at 5+Design as a Lead Architect for 10 years. He has designed world class retail and commercial real-estate projects in USA, China, Russia, Turkey, and Middle East countries. Working with such a diverse clientele and government regulations, he has acquired substantial knowledge to run One Stop Halal operations like a well-oiled machine.

Irfan graduated with Masters of Architecture degree from Southern California Institute of Architecture (Sci-Arc) in 2006.

Irfan has designed and build multiple Islamic Centers in Greater Los Angeles area. With Irfan’s substantial knowledge working with the city and its coding requirements, he gets consulted by other Muslim real-estate developers in the area. He lives in Greater LA area with his wife and a 7-year-old son.

Leads financial aspects of the company


Arshi Murtuza

Chief Financial Officer

Arshi Murtuza Shaikh moved to Los Angeles from India in 1998. He studied Engineering and MBA / CFA and is licensed CPA in the State of California. Most of his professional career is in Public and Private Commercial Real Estate field in the executive roles of Finance, Accounting and Business Systems. Arshi has also completed Masters in Islamic Banking & Finance from The Institute of Islamic Banking & Finance, Hyderabad.

Arshi and his wife, have always been associated with local community, area mosques and Islamic Schools in Southern California. Their, this endeavor led them to raise Two Daughters who are HafidhulQuaran and pursuing Islamic & Pre-Medical Education. Arshi considers himself very blessed to be associated with One Stop Halal Project in the position of CFO / Treasurer to serve the Community and Ummah at the large, InshaAllah.

Handles the Sales & Marketing


Irshad Shaikh

VP, Sales & Marketing

Irshad Shaikh is the VP, Sales & Marketing at One Stop Halal. He develops plans and strategies for developing business and achieving the company’s sales goals. He is also responsible for the overall purchase of meat and non-meat products.

Irshad has completed MBA from California in 2008. He brings wealth of experience working as a Project Manager & Lead Analyst at world class organizations like Pfizer, Home Depot, Paramount Pictures, Edison etc. His never die attitude is contagious.

He lives in Greater Los Angeles area with his wife and a charming 3-year-old daughter.

Leads Communication & Social Media Operations


Sana Salim

VP, Social Media

Born and brought up in Dubai, Sana moved to United States in 2012. She quickly realized the struggles of a practicing Muslim trying to lead a halal way of life in the United States.

She brings extensive knowledge with Social Media, SEO and SEM after having successfully marketed her own brand onto social media platforms. She is a graduate from London City College.

Sana is very passionate about the Halal project and she wants to bring it to the mainstream food supply chain.

Handles Plant Operations - Non-Meat


Yahya Lala

Plant Manager - Products

Yahya Lala is the "Plant Manager - Products" at One Stop Halal. He is responsible for the supply chain and logistics operations of the company. He collaborates with multiple-functional managers to plan and execute distribution center operational process to enable seamless transfers.

Yahya Lala has done Bachelors of Arts from Pakistan 20 years ago. He lives in Greater Los Angeles area with his wife and three children. One of them is on track to become Hafidh Al-Quran very soon.

Handles Plant Operations - Meat


Muhammad Patel

Plant Manager - Meat

Muhammad Patel is the "Plant Manager - Meat" at One Stop Halal. He is responsible for the supply chain and logistics for the livestock in the company. He assists VP-Sales in procuremnt of livestock and sale to the wholesalers.

Food Scientists

Expert on ingredients


Mohamed Khan, Ph.D.

Chief Halal Technical Specialist

Dr. Khan has 30 years of experience studying and working with food/bio-ingredients (from animal, plant and microbial sources).

Dr. Khan graduated from KAAU in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia with B.Sc. in Biochemistry, followed by M.Sc. in Biochemistry from METU in Ankara, Turkey. Dr. Khan graduated with M.Sc. and Ph.D. in food science from MUN in St. John’s, Canada with a major emphasis on processing, quality and safety of foods/bio-ingredients. Industrial research in Master and Doctoral programs enabled Dr. Khan to gain the “Fellow of School of Graduate Studies” Award.

Dr. Khan gained further industry experience in food products and bio-ingredients by working/visiting various plants in Canada and Switzerland. He contributed to over 30 peer reviewed papers, presentations, book chapters, patent and other related publications in the field of food science/bio-ingredients.

Expert in food products


Ali Zakria

Halal Technical Specialist

Ali Zakria has 13 years of experience working as R & D Food Scientist in the food industry. He specializes in reverse engineering and formulating new products across multiple food categories.

Ali has successfully developed products in compliance with regulations - organic, halal, kosher, gluten free and non-GMO within specific nutritional and ingredient guidelines. He is well-versed in all phases of food development - from formulation, costing, initial bench top to commercial launch.

Ali has completed Masters in Food Science & Technology from Pakistan. Even though he is a serious food scientist, Ali still cannot resist whenever he sees a halal confectionary item. Halal gummy bears are his favorite.

Expert on ingredients


Rizwan Ahmad, Ph.D.

Halal Technical Specialist

Rizwan Ahmad is a Ph.D. in Food Science and Human Nutrition from Lahore, Pakistan. He is a registered Dietician/Nutritionist. He provides medical nutrition therapy as well as create nutritional programs based on the health needs of the patients and counsels them to lead a healthier lifestyle.

He understands halal food manufacturing process and is well versed in halal standard implementation in food industries. He advises One Stop Halal management with haram (non-permitted) and masbooh(doubtful) ingredients in the food products.

Rizwan Ahmad has taught undergraduate courses in Nutrition and Dietetics at the university level. He is also well-versed in German language.

Islamic Scholars

Advises on religious matter


Mufti Iqbal Lakhani

Islamic Scholar

Iqbal Lakhani

Advises on religious matter


Mufti Ali Malam

Islamic Scholar

Ali Malam

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