Contentious Issue

Do you know that the halal meat you eat may not be actually halal? Honestly, we all want to eat halal. Not only muslims but people of other faith also prefer halal because its clean,healthy and humane. But do you know that finding authentic halal meat can be very tough?

Either it is very expensive or not readily available. Even if it is available, there are lots of issues with it:

1. Some say every meat of a permissible animal is halal because we live in a non-muslim country.
2. Some say if it is not Pork, it is halal
3. Some say reciting the name of God(Allah) before eating any meat of a permissible animal makes it halal.
4. Some say Kosher meat is also halal. Maybe yes, if they say the name of God (Allah) before the slaughter.
5. Some say the machine cut cannot be halal.
6. Some of us believe my halal store owner knows what he is selling. It is his job to sell authentic halal. But, the shop owner may also doesn’t know how the meat was supplied to him.

Many such Arguments..
You may be surprised to know that
1. Most of the slaugher houses operate behind the closed doors. They stun the animals with electric current to render them unconscious before slaughter so that there can be more production.
2. Some manufacturers just label their meat as Halal with no halal inspection.
3. Some of them even mix Halal with Non-Halal in case of shortage of supply, price hike or simply due to carelessness.

So, what do we do in this scenario? What is halal and what is haram is very clear, its like white and black. But between those ends is the grey area. Unfortunately, we have learned to live in that gray area. We, at One Stop Halal, thought enough is enough. We should be able to get the right kind of meat and that too very easily.

To achieve that, we thought we should bring back the same methods that our Prophet (pbuh) and our elders did it for hundreds of years. Therefore, we strictly enforce the 12 POINT check in our halal process as per the strictest Islamic dietary guidelines.

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