One Stop Halal was founded with the motivation to serve the community (Ummah) at large. There are approx. 8 to 9 million Muslims in America and we believe they should have access to halal products that are pure, permitted by religion and properly sourced.

Our mission is to bring halal in the mainstream food supply chain in the United States. We want to make it readily available at your fingertips. We want to open the doors to halal.

One Stop Halal Mission

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To bring halal to the mainstream food supply-chain, one needs experts who can build the technology, who can inspect the ingredients, who can guide on religious matters, who understands govt. rules and regulations etc.

At One Stop Halal, we are such a team of diverse skill-set. But we all are driven by a single passion i.e. to serve the community.

Trusted Food Partners


We aren’t just any other grocer or a halal supermarket. We inspect each and every product that comes on our shelves.
1. Firstly, we only carry halal products that are certified by leading halal agencies in the world.
2. Secondly, we have an in-house team of Food Scientists who evaluate and inspect ingredients for all these products.
3. Lastly, if there is any doubt, we just remove these products from our shelves.

Some of the halal certification bodies we trust are:
1. IFANCA (Islamic Food And Nutrition Council of America)
2. SANHA (South African National Halal Authority)
3. JAKIM (Malaysian Govt. Halal Certification body)
4. MUI (Indonesian Govt. Halal Certification Body)
5. Halal Sign (Indian Halal Certifying agency) etc.

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